COVID-19 Vaccine Development

We Need to Recruit More Black Americans in Vaccine Trials

The global race is on for a vaccine to combat the coronavirus, but the question is: Who will be included?

To date, several companies have reached Phase 3 trials for an experimental vaccine — including Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and CanSino. AstraZeneca recently announced a pause in its process to check a complication with one participant. Despite this setback, the early results are encouraging.

Coronavirus: False claims test kits for ‘Covid-19’ were sold in 2017 – BBC News

Verdict: A database of worldwide shipments of chemical supplies created in 2020, but going back to 2015, did refer to their use for “Covid-19 kits”. The World Bank, one of the international organisations responsible for maintaining the list, says this was because these previously existing products are now being used for Covid-19 testing. The website has now been changed and a clarification issued.

China coronavirus vaccine: Over 100,000 people receive experimental Covid-19 vaccine –

China has taken a shortcut in the global sprint to develop and deliver vaccines for the novel coronavirus. Sinopharm, the state-owned company developing two of China’s leading vaccine candidates, told China National Radio on Monday that it has already vaccinated hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens — even though the company’s phase 3 clinical trials have not yet concluded.